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How to Practice Self-Love

Self-love is defined as a regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. During this time in my life happiness has been tied to my ability to achieve my goals and maintain my peace.

However, I have a confession… I slipped up. The past year has been a drag for me. The job market for Public Relations is trash, my business is not where I want and I am ready to go back outside.

For the past few weeks, I tried to pull myself out of this funk but I could not find the energy or motivation to invest myself into things that would change my mood.

Truth be told there aren’t too many things that just bring me joy. That sounds sad but I don’t mean it that way. All I am trying to say is that I am still getting to know me.

To get out of this gloom I allowed myself to do something out of the norm — relax and do nothing.

Self-love is about respecting your needs.

As someone who is constantly using productivity as a way to cope with things not going their way. To be honest, there may never be a time when things will go my way.

I needed to learn to allow my body and mind to rest.

Practice makes perfect when you practice perfectly.

The above statement is a reminder that we should be trying our best at all times. It does not mean that you won't fall short or if things take a turn you should stop practicing.

Self-love is allowing yourself to experience carefree happiness. Even if it means straying away from your normal behaviors.

How can you be happy when you are not allowing yourself to be authentic? You can’t.

Are you still wondering how to practice self-love? There are many ways to do this but you can start by following these pro tips.

Pro Tip #1: Do Things That Bring You Joy

Create a list of things that make you happy. If you find that you have very few things on your list. Think of things you would want to try out. Then, do them! You never know what you will love.

Pro Tip #2: Work on Yourself

Find things that you can actually do to help improve yourself. If you have ever had a conversation that went a little like “I’m going to start doing this because I’m tired of that.” Start with whatever is the “tired of that" is. Get to it, you’ve got this!

Pro Tip #3: Keep the Peace

Peace is more than having a quiet space. It is allowing things to be without trying to force anything. Trust me this will open up your mind and make space for healthy processing which can improve your decision making.

Pro Tip #4 Be Intentional

When you want to achieve something it helps to have a plan in place. Making affirmations is the first step to being real about what you intend to do.

Below are some Self-Love Affirmations:

  • The best way that I can practice loving myself is constantly reminding myself not to compare any part of me to anyone else.

  • The best way that I can practice loving myself is by spending my time with people who genuinely love and show interest in me --- the authentic me.

  • The best way that I can practice loving myself is by spending time writing down my thoughts so I can reflect.

Share some of your own affirmations in the comment section below.


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