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13 Mental Health Resources For Christians

“Speak in tongues for 20 minutes a day, and your depression will go away.” That was the response of my former youth pastor when I told him I was depressed. I know he meant well, but I didn’t know how to speak in tongues, and his comment made me feel worse. I was angry with God and stopped going to church for nearly three years. I did not want anything to do with God, church or his people. For some reason, many Christians view mental health treatment as having a lack of faith but rarely view seeking care for cancer, diabetes, asthma, or other illnesses as a lack of confidence in God.

In retrospect, I now realize that I can’t allow someone else’s ignorance to pull me away from having a personal relationship with God. I decided to join a church that spoke openly about mental health and share my story at churches to dismantle the stigma. As a suicide survivor, and Christian living with bipolar and generalized anxiety disorders, I want my fellow believers to know that they are not alone. A diagnosis or seeking treatment is not a reflection of your character or faith.

Here are 13 mental health resources for Christians.

1. Saved & Depressed: A Suicide Survivor’s Journey of Mental Health, Healing & Faith

I wrote this book to address generational trauma, share my darkest moments, insecurities, how I worked toward healing and rebuilding my relationship with God. I hope that when readers are finished with the book, they prioritize their mental health, and realize they can pray and see a therapist.

2. Betterhelp

If you want to try therapy online and speak with your therapist via video, phone, audio messages, and text, then Betterhelp is for you. When you are completing the questionnaire, select “yes” when it asks if you consider yourself religious and select “Christianity” as your religion. Lastly, select “yes” that you would like to get matched with a counselor who provides faith-based counseling.

3. Therapy As Christian Podcast

Therapy as a Christian Podcast is a show for all things mental health and Christ. Host and creator Roslyn Renee discusses how therapy can aid in healing from your past and how God can assist you in that effort. She shares a variety of topics, interviews, and reflections from sessions.

4. Faith & Mental Wellness App

The Faith & Mental Wellness App gives you access to a faith-based community, articles, daily inspirational notifications, printable resources such as the Bible study guides, anxiety worksheets, and monthly journal prompts. It is available for Apple and Android users.

5. Dr. Anita Phillips

Dr. Phillips is the first lady of Kingdom Life Church in Baltimore, MD. She is a clinical social worker and discusses faith and mental health nationally and internationally. Her topics include depression, trauma, wellness, and more. Many of her sermons can be found on YouTube.

6.Fireflies Unite With Kea Podcast

I can’t list resources without listing my podcast where I discussed topics such as “Stop Using Faith As A Crutch” and “When Prayer Isn’t Enough: You’re Conflicted Between Your Faith & Mental Illness.” The mission of the podcast is to bring light into darkness (just like the fireflies), encourage people of color to seek treatment, and end the stigma and raise awareness.

7. Brittney Moses

Brittney Moses is an influencer, currently studying clinical psychology and merges faith and mental health on her platforms. She is a blogger, podcaster, and creator of the Faith & Mental Wellness App. She says, “if your mind is off track, your spirit is off track.” “If your spirit is off course, your thoughts and attitudes follow right behind.”

8. PsychologyToday

Find a Therapist, and choose “Christian” in your filtered search and view the profiles listed. Talk with one of the counselors and see if they’re a good fit for you. Remember finding a therapist is like dating so don't give up if the first person is not for you.

9. American Association of Christian Counselors

Visit the site and insert your zip code, how far you want to travel, and view the profiles listed. Schedule a session or phone call and see if they are right for you.

10. Faithful Counseling

Faithful counseling is a solution for people seeking traditional mental health counseling who would prefer hearing from the perspective of a Christian.

11. Sprinkle of Jesus

This app gives you access to inspirational content as well as provides a place to interact with each other. Use this app in church or take it on the go. It is available for Apple and Android users.

12. Focus on the Family's Christian Counselors Network

This site has a Christian counseling directory. All you have to do is insert your zip code and preferred radius.

13. The Refill Podcast With Latisha Carr

The podcast is for people of influence to learn to replenish as they thrive by christian life coach Latisha Carr.


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